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      Property inALANYAALANYA
      Property inANTALYAANTALYA
      Property inCYPRUSCYPRUS
      Property inSPAINSPAIN

      Who are we at Trust United and Why should you choose us as your real estate agency in Turkey?

      Trust United Ltd. was established in 2004 and have been active on buying and selling properties in Alanya (Kestel, Mahmutlar, Oba, Cikcilli, Karg?cak, Avsallar and the City Center of Alanya), Side, Belek, Antalya, Cyprus as well as Istanbul in Turkey.

      Trust United consists of professionals who are ready to give you the best service available when buying a property in Turkey.

      We gather all the services you will need under one umbrella. As doing that, we provide these services with our sub companies such as an insurance office, accounting office, after sale, rental office and law office.

      The real estate agents at Trust United helps you through your property buying procedure. Selling you a property is not the end of story for us. It's actually the beginning of the story. You will find us next to you every time you need a hand, in a foreign country. Especially with after sale services and rentals. Because our aim is to give you best service. While giving you these services we will not charge you for it at all, e.g. all our services will be absolutely free. Your happiness will be our benefit and the best advertising for our company.

      Trust United provides its services in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, England as well as Russia. We have been attending property exhibitions since the year of 2006, in 8 years. We have now a high experienced team who know a lot about this business and are happy to help you 24/7. You are welcome to write us for more information.








      2020 Ramadan In Turkey2020 Ramadan In Turkey24.04.2020Ramadan is a holy month. It is the 9th month of the Muslim calendar that begins (and ends) with the appearance of the new moon. It is a month of fasting, communal prayer, introspection and reading the Koran. During this month, people refrain from food, drinks, smoking, sexual activity and any form of impure thoughts from sunrise till sunset. As soon as the sun sets, and after prayer, people gather to enjoy Iftar, the meal that breaks the fast and that usually starts with dates, sweetened milk or water, and apricots. Traditionally, just before sunrise, the Ramadan Drummers do their wake-up call to warn people that if they still want to eat a meal before dawn, now is the time. Some people, while religious, do not fast. These can be children, people who are too weak or old, pregnant women, or even travelers who are on a long journey. Usually, the fasting is then substituted by feeding the poor, volunteering or performing righteous works. Eating or drinking at the wrong time or being unable to fast due to illness, can be compensated with an extra day of fasting. The end of the Ramadan in Turkey and its fast is celebrated as Ramazan Bayram? – ?eker Bayram? or Sugar Feast. This is one of the most important religious holidays of the Muslim calendar. Allah now forgives past sins of those who have complied to the holy month. You will see children wearing new clothes, people exchanging gifts and delicious pastries, and lots of people on the road when the family is visited. These are probably the busiest days of the year in Turkey. The Sugar Feast marks the end of the holy Ramadan month. It is a three and a half day long celebration that starts with Sugar Feast Eve. Most administrations are closed in the afternoon when people start preparing food and baklava for the Sugar Feast. From this time on, expect traffic to become hectic all over Turkey. The next day, when Ramazan Bayram? starts, you’ll see people wearing their best clothes, and enormous amounts of sweets and traditional desserts such as baklava are consumed, hence the name Sugar Feast. People all over Turkey visit their relatives, honor the dead by visiting the cemetery, and children go door-to-door hoping for sweets or some money. You’ll hear people wishing you (or anyone else) ?yi Bayramlar, which translates to have a good feast. People kiss older people’s hands as a sign of respect when they transfer their wishes. During the 3-day long Sugar Feast, all schools and official administrations are closed.read more
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